Aroi Restaurant, located on lower O' Connell street in Limerick city, approached me with the hopes of refreshing their current menu design and branding. Their brief was to position the business as a more health conscious eatery which gives information and power back to the customer.

A core part of this brand refresh was choose a new brand colour palette that better reflected the business and its goals. Simple, light and clear were words that were discussed most often.  This new menu would also include a  lot of new information that needed to be presented in a way that was clear and not overwhelming to the customer.

This information included dietary restrictions, calories, protein content, spice level and which dishes on the menu were considered 'Healthier Options'.
This was achieved through the use of colour blocks with headings to separate sections, clear easy to read typefaces and simple round icons to highlight dietary aspects of certain dishes.

Below shows the side by side comparison of the old menu design and colour palette, with the menu design after the brand refresh. The logo 'Aroi: Asian Street Food' has remained the same, but now evokes a completely different brand voice and presents the food options with a very a different light.