Since establishing myself as a sole trader and freelance graphic designer at the start of 2020, I have had the pleasure of working with many restaurants, pubs and other local businesses based in Limerick, Ireland. 
Many of these clients hired me to design menus for their businesses on a seasonal basis. These clients have included The Locke Bar, Locke Burger, Moll's Fish & Chips, Townhouse Doneraile, Katie Daly's Heritage Pub and Kitchen, Aroi Restaurant and Nom! Treats.
Here are just a few examples of work I have completed for these Limerick based local  businesses. In some cases, as for with The Locke Bar, multiple menu designs were created to cater for their summer and winter seasons. As the seasons change, so do their menu items and the change in menu design also reflected this.
For businesses like Nom! Treats, I also worked on larger scale menus that would go on the store front walls or over the counter where customers order their food and drinks.​​​​​​​