When deciding on the design direction for the new Irish Whiskey brand from Limerick-owned business, The Locke Bar, the goal was to combine the traditional history of this local pub with modern and clean finishes.

The Locke Bar is a multi-award winning Irish Gastro Pub & Bar and is located in the heart of Limerick City’s Medieval Quarter, where the Abbey River meets the Shannon.  The bar is an extremely popular local establishment, who's history in Limerick is tied with the river and it's vibrant historic surroundings. 
Designing The Locke Bar Irish Whiskey brand also meant reimagining the logo. The client loved the idea of focusing more on the historical significance of the building itself, and therefore having it be the focal point of the new logo design.
The typefaces and colour palette used convey the old and the new, and also speak to the the river that flows just outside the doors of the bar on the picturesque George's Quay. As new Whiskey blends are created and released, the palette will also change to signify each new blend.