The designs and illustrated wall murals were created to evoke the fun, vibrant side of the Nom! Treats brand and focus on its roots as a Limerick-owned local business. From images of King John's Castle to crowns that represent the importance of Munster Rugby to our city.

The goal was to create a series of illustrations that built upon the brand and enhanced it. The client wanted designs that were vibrant and eye-catching. This store is situated in a busy indoor shopping location, The Crescent Shopping Centre, next to many other stores and coffee shops. It was very important to the client that they stand out from the crowd. 

This was achieved through the use of a minimal brand colour palette and original illustrations that reflected various aspects of life in Limerick city. Together with illustrations of the coffee and food that Nom! Treats specialize in,  the large printed wall mural blend seamlessly with the decor and food sold - particularly the colourful, fresh donuts!

An initial mural concept. 
Rough layout sketches.
As this Nom! Treats location is situated in a busy indoor shopping centre surrounded by many other businesses,  it was very important to the client that they stand out from the crowd.

Along with illustrations, I have created a variety of other design assets for the brand and it's other current locations in Castletroy, and Thomas Street in Limerick City, Ireland. These include food posters, menus, window displays and café barriers.